Sunday Snooze

The month of May is often associated with the beautiful Spring weather and the first ice cream (or if you're like me; the first iced coffee) under the bright sun. That is, of course, if you're not a student with a jam packed schedule.


My May is different. My May is filled with hours at school and exams to take.


It is usually accompanied by stress and anxiety, and a longing for the summer vacation to arrive already.


But this year has been different. I've learned how to give myself a break even though my mind would trick me into thinking I don't deserve it.


I've learned to take breaks, meeting up with my favourite people and enjoy a cuppa joe while catching up on life, or just simply hit the snooze button in the morning if I know I'm not ready to start the day.

Sometimes you're allowed those extra five minutes.

What do you do to stay calm during the stressful month of exams? Share them down below!

Love, Ellen