First impressions: Keune Care Satin Oil serie

In Vietnamese, we have a saying;

*roughly translated*

"The hair and the teeth are the roots to your beauty."

My mom used to tell me this all the time while I grew up, as a reminder for little me to take good care of my hair and brush my teeth thoroughly.

It was something that stuck with me as I got older, and with that saying in my mind, I taught myself different ways to style my hair. I learned different braids, how to curl different curls, or just simply how to put it up in ways that complemented my face or outfit of the day.

Now, at the age of 21, I'm deep in the phase of changing the colour of my hair to express myself instead. I started out with a not very good red-ish colour in early 2014, and has since achieved my goal of having grey hair last winter.

This whole process means that my hair has gone through alot and has gone from being very healthy to very brittle if I do not use the right products.

With this in mind, I seem to always be on the search for the newest hair care products in the market. This led to a recommendation of these Keune products from the Care Satin Oil serie.


I wash my hair with the Satin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner 3-4 times a week, occasionally changing the latter out with Satin Oil Mask if I feel like giving my hair some extra nurishment.


After getting out of the shower, I spritz some of the Satin Oil Oil Milk directly on my hair and work it in with my fingers.

On days where I feel like my hair is extra dull and lifeless, I pump some of the Satin Oil Treatment into my hair instead.

The smell is easy on the nose, but definitivly more on the spice-like side. This isn't something that sits for long so if you are sensitive to smells, I reckon this would work for you.

I'm still testing out this serie, and since this isn't something you get results of overnight I'll make sure report back on this sometime later.

Huge thanks to the girls at VassPR & @SiljePauline

Love, Ellen

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