I love food.

Whenever I meet up with friends, we always cook food at home or end up at a restaurant for hours on end.

Of course, it's a privilege to eat out and it's not something we do as often as it looks like on social media. Having a boyfriend that loves to cook and low-key is a master chef also help save money by eating luxurious but budget-friendly dinners at home. But on the rare occasions that I do go out, there are some local favorites that I never get tired of.



Munchies is a new-found favorite that has three restaurants in Oslo. One is located close to central Oslo, at Torggata, another one is at Solli. and the last one is located in the middle of the popular area Grünerløkka.

My favorite one is rather the one at Grünerløkka, as they have a more open space and the atmosphere of the people at 'Løkka is always cozy.

The Munchie burger is by far my favorite; it has blue cheese dressing, caramelized onions, and bacon.

*Mouth watering*


Mr. Fish

Next is a recommendation for all you sushi lovers out there.

Mr. Fish only opened up a few years ago but has quickly become one of the most popular places to visit if you're craving sushi.

The place is a hidden gem at Torshov Torg, a kind of indoor-market place in an area in the borough Sagene, a mere 10 minutes tram-ride from Central Oslo.

Keep in mind that it's more of a take-away place, and therefore have a limited space to sit-in and eat. At rush hour, it's almost impossible to find a seat, but take away or sit-in, the food is still amazingly good.

My recommendations are the Volcano Maki and Mrs. Fish if you like food with a creative twist.


Olivia Restaurant

You best believe I can't mention food and dining out without mentioning my all-time favorite Italian restaurant.

Olivia has been a long time favorite and is still my go-to place whenever I'm making plans to eat out with a friend.

I often came with Tsutsumi and Elizabeth for a quick dinner but then ending up sitting and chatting for hours.

The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, and the food is always amazing.

I strongly recommend Pasta di Manzo, Mare e Monti and Arlecchino.


Mr. Bay Restaurant

Last but not least; Mr. Bay Restaurant, located at the heart of Tjuvholmen.

Mr. Bay has a carefully drafted menu with details in focus. A dish that really reflects this is the Chocolate Fondant, which includes a spicy little ingredient that gives it a distinctive feature.

But something to keep in mind when coming here is that the menu is always changing. Not as often as you might think, but still quite often. However, they always hold on to the staple dishes like Crispy Duck and good-old Spring rolls (fun fact; the spring rolls are made by mama Bay)

I hope you enjoyed this little guide and if you have been at any of these places, let me know your experience down below!

Bon appétit, Ellen