//pictures by @dalyndarling

// in collaboration with ZeroUV //


Happy Friday, everyone!

The weekend is finally looking brighter, but staying true to Norwegian weather, there's always a slight chance of a surprise storm. Finding clothes to fit this weather, where it's breezy in the morning, hot as hell during mid-day and humid while overcast during the evening, can be quite the challenge.


I originally wanted to wear a pair of high-waisted shorts for this outfit, but when the wind was bending the trees outside my window, I figured I needed a plan B.

Wearing stockings would be a tad too much, but not wearing either would ensure catching a cold the next day. I've found that the best way to tackle this was to wear loose and light material to get the best of both worlds.


I paired a pair of slightly wide-legged pants with my favourite oversized shirt, giving me a slight '70s vibe along with the neck scarf. I kept it simple with a pair of heeled ankle boots and a faux leather jacket to match.

For accessories I just wore my Edblad Monaco Mini Studs, which I got from the lovely Mildh Press goodiebag at the Nouw summer party a couple weeks ago. The cherry on top must be the little neck scarf Elizabeth so nicely lent me.


At a blink of an eye, a month of my summer vacation has already passed. How has time flown by so quickly?

Hope you're enjoying summer, still!

Much love, Ellen