In collaboration with Ideal of Sweden

Ever since my younger days, I've never really liked flowers. I didn't mind the occasional flower pot my grandma had on the balcony, but if I were to choose myself, I wouldn't plant any flowers on my own initiative.

Since then, I've grown to like not mind flowers a little bit more, and don't mind the occasional gifted flower. But at the end of the days, I still prefer cacti/succulents or regular plants. So when I went to the Botanical Garden with @Gambitsky , @dalyndarling , Tracy and Olav, we went straight to the cacti house to take pictures.


Monstera Jungle case

Matched the environment with my shorts from H&M, and phone case from Ideal of Sweden.


The air inside the plant house was however incredibly humid, so we quickly moved outwards and enjoyed the light breeze.


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//pictures: @Gambitsky

Love, Ellen