Pants - Monki // Tiger jacket - Vanquish

A few weeks ago, Olav and I met up with our friend Thao for a little photo shoot. We had been talking about finding a date and get it done for a while, but something always came up. Luckily, we finally managed to meet up and do the shoot, and it turned out so good!


Our theme was inspired by an inside-joke, 불타오르네 bultaoreune, which is the Korean word for fire, prompting us to go for a black, white and red colour scheme. Coincidentally, both Olav and Thao bought a red hoodie the day before, so they were basically twinning hard.


While Olav and Thao opted for a pair of black jeans with a red hoodie and bomber-styled jacket, I went for a different look with some wide-legged pants, a simple V-neck t-shirt and a leather jacket. My only red item being the bandana I tied around my neck. I surprisingly do not own that many red items.


What we had in mind for this shoot was for our different styles to come together with a common theme peeking through. So while Olav usually has a more casual-formal look, and me with a more chic style, Thao has a completely different style, aiming more towards an edgy street style. I've always admired her ability to pull it off with such grace and confidence.

Red hoodies - H&M and WEEKDAY // Bomber jacket - H&M // Ripped jeans - Topshop

Oh! Also, if you follow me on Instagram (@EllenBuui), then you've already seen that I recently cut my hair short! It's so fluffy and healthy and I love how fast I can style my hair now. Yay!

Anyways, sadly Olav and I didn't have time to take photos together but the shoot was still fun to do. We'll probably do it again sometime soon before work and school take over again.

Until next time!

xo, Ellen