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Those who know me, know I love Friends. LOVE. The thought of having a group of good friends living next door to each other and hanging out at the coffee house at 11:30 AM on a Wednesday is just the coziest.

Friends also taught me a lot, and till this day, I still love watching it or just having it playing in the background. So for today's post, I thought I should take you on a little Friends related topic;

Things I've learned from Friends and my local Central Perk


1. "We were on a break" is never a good excuse.

2. You can be perfectly happy and content, even when everything else in life is going wrong, as long as you have good family and friends to surround yourself with.

3. Monkeys are cute but probably not the best fit for a pet.

4. Run weird, or be weird in general, if that makes you happy. Don't get yourself too hung up on what people around you might be thinking.


5. Everyone has a lobster, but you may have to go through three divorces to find them. And that's OK.

6. If it doesn't matter, it's a moo point.

7. Everybody should be able to laugh at themselves.

And lastly:

8. It's okay to not have your whole life together, even in your 20s. You don't need to have it all figured out.


School has been going on like crazy and many of the subjects I have has been more challenging than I initially thought. Before I knew it, my first exam is already steadily running towards me. So you won't believe my excitement when I found Brugata Landhandleri because I've been so sick of reading at the university, but at the same time, I can't read at home. I guess I'll just make this my study spot for the rest of the year.


The place is a two-floor café bar with lots of natural light coming in from the windows. The interior is to die for, and the overall vibe is giving me major Central Perk feels, so of course, I was instantly drawn to it after the first visit.

I've been going back 4 times since dropping by for the first time with my sister, and honestly, I really love it.

Bonus for all those struggling students out there; this place has wifi and several power outlets by the tables!


Do you have any shows you've grown up with or hold dear to your heart? Please share them down below, I would love to check them out!


Pictures by Celine

Talk to you again soon!