Recently I was asked if I could be a hair model for my favourite hair salon; Hairdo by Kimi. They needed to film a video demonstrating the process of lightening Asian hair (something I think they're amazing at) and I thought, why not?


As I mentioned in my lengthy hair post (here), I've always had my hair done at this place. Every time I walk in, I always walk out with incredible results without having to compromise too much of my hair's health. Because let's face it, you can't go light or do changes to your hair and maintain the exact same healthy hair condition like before you did anything. But that's okay; that's what deep conditioning is for.


After Work x Bjørklund

I also went to a lovely AFTER WORK event with Bjørklund and Presskontakterna yesterday. The location was in this moody little bar with low lights and beautiful displays of the latest collection from their diamond collection and FROST collection. I tried to snap some pictures but it was really dark so I didn't manage to take that many. I hope you enjoy nevertheless!


The collections were beautiful; the FROST collection has such a simple and minimalistic design, something I usually go for as I like my accessories to be on the down-low. The diamond collection, however, is stunning and so classy; maybe something more fitting for special occasions.

Thank you to Presskontakterna for inviting me to such a fun event. Until next time!

Have a good day xx

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