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It’s no secret that my hair has gone through a lot. A couple months ago, I went lighter again, after having a darker blonde/light brown hair for a couple months since summer.

Boy, did I miss the bleach.

I know my hair would need a lot of attention and care-taking after all the sessions I’ve been through, so I did my research and found Unwash, who specialize in producing hair care products that are gentle to your hair, all the while cleaning it throughout. They are said to be vegan and safe for all types of hair–should it be virgin untouched hair, or heavily colour-treated hair like mine. I put together a little routine for these colder days, where the wind just messes up your hair and the cold drying up the moisture. Let's get to it!



Every day I use Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, a non-lathering conditioner that pulls out the oil from your scalp and hair. I do two rounds, just to really get in there. I specially focus on the head scalp and massage it well before going to the tips of my hear. I do this twice, and let it sit for about 30 sec each time. Rinse thoroughly!

If I feel extra-dry, like I do these days in the colder months, I get out the Hydrating Masque, which I use all over my head, focusing on the ends and leave it on for about 10 mins. Longer if you've got the patience.

That's pretty much it for the daily routine. What I've noticed with the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner is that my hair dries much faster–perfect for the cold temperatures outside.

While the concept of no-harsh-soaps on my hair is brilliant, I did find myself going through the bottle faster than I would. I tried only doing one round of the conditioner and found my hair still greasy. So tip for you guys out there, do it twice, massage it well into the hair and rinse! rinse! rinse!



Once every 2 weeks, I use the Anti-Residue Cleanse to really remove all the built-up residues and give it a really good deep-cleanse. This can dry up the hair a little bit because it goes on a deeper level to pull out all the dirt and oil from your hair. I focus on the head scalp again and leave it on for 3 mins, then rinse it out.

After the cleanse, I use the Hydrating Masque, which I mix with the Shu Uemura Color Lustre Cool Blonde, this time leaving it for about 30-45 mins for the purple conditioner to tone my hair throughout.

The purple conditioner is really pigmented and thick in texture, making it perfect and non-droopy, which can get really messy. Even after mixing it with the mask, the texture was still remotely thick.


Bonus; I use the Dry Cleanser whenever I need a little touch-up but have no time before leaving the house.

Disclaimer: I initially planned to show two pictures of my hair before and after getting onto this routine, but I realized my hair looked the same although it felt different. So I thought it would be better to describe the difference. It feels thicker and stronger without making it heavy on my head. Another difference I noticed is that my hair feels softer and clean throughout, as well. However, everybody's hair is different, so just remember to adjust the way you use the products to your hair type.

That's all for now! Stay tuned as I have quite the list of drafts ready to be published this upcoming week!

Until next time x

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