It's the first day of a whole new year and I'm currently sitting in my pyjamas writing this while Friends is playing on the TV.

A new year, the same me.

2017 brought some good memories, as well as some lessons learned. First off, I took more control of my mental health and did a better job taking care of myself than I previously had. Last year, I was a puddle of mess during finals. It was one of the longest periode of stress and anxiety I've ever had. But it wasn't just the length of it, it was also the severity of it all. Looking back at it now, I'm glad I've been so lucky to have the amazing net of support group to help me through it all.

During 2017, I also hit the first ever anniversary-mark in my life. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now, and it's so weird thinking about it because it feels like we've been together for ages. He's been so great whenever I've had my lows, supporting me and keeping me calm.

For the new year, I want to take even better care of myself, actually use my gym membership for what it's worth, especially now that I'm on my last six months of being a student. I also want to focus more on personal growth – listening to more podcasts, reading more books, guided meditation, you name it.


I also want to create more memories, travel more, experience more, and document it more.

I'm looking forward to the new year, and I'm hoping you are too.

Here's to 2018. Cheers!

Happy New Year