Last October, I was so lucky to experience the one and only Lorde live on stage, featuring Khalid as her opening act. The whole show was beyond compare, and hands down one of the best I've experienced so far. Her singing, her dancing, her personality; just simply her whole entire stage presence was incredible.

This prompted me to think of all the other concerts I've attended and experiences I hold so dear to my heart. Check out the list below!

17.10.2014 // THE 1975


My second concert ever was with Tsutsumi. It started with queuing in line for an hour in the cold autumn weather, before rushing inside the Rockefeller. We had previously only heard a song or two by The 1975, but decided to buy tickets nevertheless because it was so cheap and they seemed really good. The hall quickly filled up, the band started playing, and we were in love.

11.11.2015 // ZELLA DAY


In late 2015, I went to a concert with @dalyndarling. We didn't know what to expect, because like with The 1975, I had only a few songs by Zella Day. The concert venue was small, yet very cozy. And before you knew it, this girl, who looked like she belonged in the 1960s, by the way, walked out and started playing one of the best concerts I've ever attended. It's one thing when the artist sounds good, but it's a whole ' level when they exceed the studio version by a hundred miles.

During her song, "Compass", Zella even jumped down among the crowd and sang with everyone surrounding her. It was simply amazing.

28.02.2016 // HALSEY

A couple months later, in early 2016, I attended a Halsey concert with my friend Mandy. Contrary to the two previously mentioned concerts, I had actually heard many of Halsey's song, many of which I knew by heart. This was one of the few concerts where I sang my heart out to almost every song, and the joy it brought me is indescribable.

The only sad thing was, we came a little bit late, so we had to stand quite far back.

22.04.2016 // SHAWN MENDES


I remember months earlier, I was in the middle of a lecture when the pre-ticket sale dropped. I borrowed my friends' computer to be to get in, to buy a ticket for me and my sister, as her surprise birthday gift. It was so intense, but I got the tickets, and in April 2016, we went to our first concert together, at Shawn Mendes' concert.

The experience was one of the best, and he was so humble and talented . It was such a pleasure watching the show, and we had a real blast, singing till our throats were sore.

Ain't that what it's all about?

What's your favourite concert experience? Let me know!

See you tomorrow!

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