Being the lazy human being that I can be at times, I sometimes don't do much with my hair. My go-to styles are usually a half up-do, straight hair or some loose curls.

As of late, I've found other ways to spice up my hair without having to do too many steps, which I will now share with you!

Curl it up

I recently bought a new hair curling set! I've had my previous set since 2013 and it's not even working most of the times anymore. I've been wanting the T3 Whirl Trio Set for a while now, and I've finally caved in and got my friend to get it for me while on a trip to London last weekend. First impression; I LOVE it. It's so lightweight and heats up super fast. The design also looks amazing. I'm so in love.


Anyways! I used the 1.25"-0.75" barrel to create these loose curls. Start off by dividing your hair into sections, then curl your way through it. No need for everything to be perfect, just curl in different directions and roughen up the curls along the way.


I finished with a spritz of Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray to give it an extra poof as well as giving it more texture. Run your hands roughly through the curls to loosen up the look.

1. Half up-do


After finishing curling your hair, take two strands from each side, twist it a little bit and bring it together at the back of your head. Then take two bobby pins and pin it in place in an X formation.


Pull a bit at the top of your head for volume. Feel free to pull out a couple strands at the front to frame your face as well.

2. Side braid


Push all your hair back and start doing a normal 3-strand-braid. Slowly braid down the side and tie it off with a small hair band.


To create more volume, hold the tail of the braid and pull slightly along the braid.


3. Twist it up


When you're finished with the braid, twist it up in a circular motion. Pin it in place with bobby pins along the way.


That's it! Hope this tutorial helped give you some ideas.

Have a lovely day!

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