Hello, Spring

In collaboration with iDeal of Sweden


The sun was shining brightly when I woke up yesterday. After a couple of hours studying, I rushed home to touch up before meeting up with @annarasmia to attend iDeal of Sweden's launch event for their new SS18 Collection!


iDeal of Sweden has been travelling all over the world for the last couple of weeks to celebrate, and they finally touched down in Oslo town yesterday.


The beautiful event was held at Ling Ling, perfectly located at the centre of Aker Brygge, the ultimate spot to be when the sun is shining high up in the sky.


After a welcome drink and a quick speech outside, we were brought inside to a beautiful area where we would be dining. The place had been decorated with beautiful flower arrangements by EliteFloral.


Anna and I don't drink, so we got two non-alcoholic drinks instead of wine to accommodate our meals. The first one was the Gavati Refresher, a fresh, citrus and fruity drink that I did not think I would like, but ended up loving. The second one was Coco Passion, basically a drink containing passion fruit, coconut cream, almond and lime. This drink smelled amazing and I regret not chugging the whole thing before I had to leave.


@veronicawindom & @CatarinaGoncalves were so sweet. It was lovely meeting you both!

Congratulations to iDeal of Sweden for their new collection, the designs are beautiful and I'm so happy to hear that for every post with the hashtag #idealwordtour, they donate SEK 50 to charity.

Shoud you want a beautiful case for yourself, use the code "BEYOUI20" for -20% off your purchase!

Love, Ellen

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