Don't get too close, I'll turn you into poetry

The title is from a merchandise by Orion Carloto. The idea behind it sounded beautiful to me, and I don't believe I actually knew to appreciate this growing up. I grew up without reading too much poetry, but I've grown a liking to it within the last few years. I think I learned how to appreciate it because as I've grown older, I've also experienced more, whether it be personally or secondhandedly.

I know I wouldn't have found these books without some kind of recommendations, so I thought I could share some of my favourites thus far with you, too.

Milk & Honey - Rupi Kaur


I received this from a friend a few years ago and spent Christmas Holiday devouring the book. Rupi Kaur's first work is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking, and you can't help but feel everything with her from the beginning of the book until the very end.

Her collection of poetry and prose has been critically acclaimed and followed by "The Sun and Her Flowers". The book was released last year and has also been well received by readers worldwide.

Love & Misadventure - Lang Leav


One of the very first poetry books I purchased was by Lang Leav. It was during my Tumblr days that I stumbled upon poems from her book that drew me to buy it so I could give poetry a chance. It's beautifully written about love and loss, from butterfly-infused feelings to heartbreaking sorrows, and you won't be able to put it down until it's done.

Flux - Orion Carloto


Okay, disclaimer; I have yet to read this book myself, but the snippets I've seen here and there were enough for me to buy the book without a second thought.

Flux is a collection of poems by Orion Carloto, a wonderful and creative soul who has written down her rawest emotions and turned them into beautiful poetry. It's been such a successful hit that I had to include it in this list. I've been a fan of her for a long time and there is no doubt in my mind that this book will be just another incredible piece of art.

Do you like poetry? If so, do drop me some recommendations in the comment section as I would love to check out some new ones for the summer!

Thanks for reading! -Ellen