Well, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone by now that I'm graduating by the end of this month. It's a bittersweet feeling that I won't go into right now, but during my academic years, I feel like, somewhere along the way, I've developed this unrealistic vision of how my life would be like post-graduation. I wrote a candid note about studies back in January in which I briefly mentioned some of the plans I'd always had for the future. But I wanted to do a more in-depth post and list up all the things I actually want to get done when I maybe have more time.


Learn a new language

I listed a couple languages I wanted to learn in my "30 before 30" post (here) so when I have the time, I figured I should spend some on actually learning.

Learn how to code

I want to design my own site.

Draw more

The plan is to set aside a couple of minutes a day to draw and doodle to really get my hand used to it.

Blog more consistently

I always used to prioritise school over the blog and have found it really hard to stay creative without sitting down and really put my soul into it. So after I'm done, maybe I'll finally be able to explore the creative side of the brain a little more


Finished my unfinished books

I have three unfinished books. It's driving me nuts while it's collecting dust by my bedside table.

Become a morning bird

I want to wake up happy and productive at 6 AM

Regularly practise musical instruments

I play both the piano and guitar, but I've almost forgotten everything due to lack of practice and maintenance.

Learn how to do my own hair

I already know how to cut my hair, style it with curls and braids and all that. I also know how to tone and colour my hair. But I want to learn how to bleach it evenly on my own. It's a tad too complicated for me but I'm really intrigued.

Edit videos

I love editing videos and I was actually very happy while editing the last two videos I put out on my YouTube channel (over a year ago already...). I want to become more creative in that field as well so I'll definitely spend more time trying to edit some overdue vlogs and such.

Much love, Ellen