Today has been filled with a rerun of Eurovision Song Contest, catching the new Avenger film at the movies and a lot of bachelor thesis writing. Sundays are often spent in PJs for half the day, mentally preparing for the upcoming week, so I would say this one has been an eventful one. It's currently 10 PM and I'm finally back in bed making some mood boards for the new week.

Next week will be an intense bachelor thesis week, as I plan to finish it by mid-week, so I need to be in a productive and focused mindset. 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution Day, is also next week. In short, it will be a lot of work but some festivities to end the week as well.


Pictures: Pinterest

I'm going to need a lot of coffee.

I can't believe in barely two weeks from now, I'll be finally done with all my exams and assignments. It will be so strange.

Happy Sunday!