Today was my graduation.

I finally finished my Bachelor degree at Oslo Metropolitan University and can now say that after 16 consecutive years of education, I can finally take a breather. After years upon years of stress, exam preparations, studying, late nights, all-nighters, and even days where I would question my own sanity, I'm finally done.

I just want to quickly thank all my friends and family who've been there through all my crazy mood swings and extremely stressful periods. There have been times where my aura was straight up negative and gloomy, and it means a lot that you've stuck around and calmed me when I needed to calm my shit.

So thank you. I love you endlessly.

As for my bachelor thesis. For those who follow me on Instagram (here), you might have seen me spend day-in and day-out trying to finish the thesis during the last week before the deadline. I even stayed up from 10Am Thursday to 9AM Friday in order to turn in the thesis on time. It was a rollercoaster ride.

I also got my result back today; I got a B(!!!) which I'm over the moon about.

What a good way to end the journey.

Much love, Ellen