I'll be the first to admit, I've never been good at taking care of my skin.

I throw in a mask here and there and a facial wash on occasion, but that's about it. My neglicience was due to the fact that I don’t often experience impurities. It wasn't always like this, though. As a teen, I suffered from hormonal acne until the age of 18-19 before it began to clear up slowly.

Now, while I don’t often experience acne, I did have uneven skin tone and not the best texture either. It wasn't an issue I particularly cared for that much, but during hot summer days where I would love to skip foundation, I did feel a bit self-concious.

But then I found dear Klairs. And it’s AMAZING.

I got this starter kit to test out the brand. My girl, @Gambitsky, has the best skin and she, too, had tested these products before, so I had high hopes and expectations going into this. I've been testing out the products for about a month now, and after receiving several compliments about my skin, I thought it was in due time to share my review.



Step 1: Oil Cleanser

I usually start by removing my makeup with a makeup remover like this balm from , then going in one more time with an oil cleanser to remove all the excess residue. An oil-based cleanser helps break up the makeup and melt it away without being harsh on the skin.

I use about a pump or two and massage it gently into my face in circular motions in order to really get rid of all the products on my skin. I then proceed with washing it off with luke warm water.

Usually I find some cleansers to either leave an oily residue on my face or leave my face squeeky clean with a dry and tight feeling. This one, however, simply leaves my skin soft and clean.


Step 2: Toner

After patting my face dry, I pat on toner in order to balance out the skin’s pH-level, while it removes the very last remaining residues on the skin as well. Furthermore, the toner also helps the skin better absorb the next products as well as boosting their effectiveness.


Step 3: Serum

You can either use a serum or an essence after the toner. This has become very similar to each other so you’ll just have to pick one that fits to the problems your skin has.

I use a couple drops of this vitamin drop to help improve skin tone and texture. I simply put one drop on the forehead, and one on each cheek.




During days where I need extra care, I do a double cleanse and scrub in-between step 1 and 2. I’m especially fond of this Black Sugar scrub. It has oils that help nourish the skin while exfoliating and removing excess sebum.

That’s all.

I can honestly say that I haven’t seen my skin in such a good condition in a long time. I have also been abit hesitant to the many steps that Koreans have for their skin routine because I dislike the heavy feeling of products on my face.

I have, nevertheless, found these products to be very lightweight on my skin. The oilyness I usually experience throughout the day has also been less than before, so I think these products have helped that issue as well.

Let me know if you’ve tried this! I’d love to hear your thoughts on Korean skincare and their 10-step routine.

Much love, Ellen