Dear Autumn

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Happy October.

The leaves are turning crisp orange and brown hues as they fall off the tree branches. The morning air, on the other hand, is getting colder as the temperature drops to single digits. I find myself reaching more for the thicker scarves as I am heading out the door on my way to work.

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It is safe to say that autumn is in here in full and summer has bid its farewells for 2018. I have often considered autumn my favourite season because it is neither uncomfortably hot nor cold, and there is no pollen flying around like during spring. I also prefer the beautiful autumn weather for when I am having an indoor type of day, when I would wrap myself safely under my duvet and sip my cup of tea.


I have couple of things lining up in October, enough for me to have something to look forward to almost every week.

  • All of my favourite people are back from their year abroad and we can now be a full gang again.

  • I will be visiting Olav’s family for his Mom’s birthday

  • I will be travelling solo for the first time– to Paris! It will just be a very short trip, but I can hardly wait to enjoy the City of Lights in all its autumn glory.

  • Lastly, I will be doing a collaboration for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With some more festivities to my daily life than usual, I thought I could challenge myself to vlog as much as possible for October. I will try to edit the vlogs weekly so that it will be a four part Vlogtober over at my channel (here).

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We are officially at the last quarter of 2018 and this year will be coming to an ending before we know it.

Everybody will probably be looking back at their New Year resolutions and start panicking about all the things they did not do. All I can hope for is that I would not be regretting not having done something. But these musings are for another day.

Finally; is it obvious that I am ecstatic over the fact that it is now autumn?




Sweater - Monki

Skirt - Stradivarius

Crossbody - Kate Spade

Earrings - Pandora

Ellen Bui