Disclaimer: Some featured products were gifted through PR or goodie bags.

In 2018, I tested a handful of products to try and find the perfect one for my hair. I had redone my hair to its lighter shade again and it was obvious that I really needed to take care of it extremely well. As you might have seen by now, my hair is very bleached and processed. The hair was very dry and stringy, and my main concern was to find products that would give it the moisture boost it needed, especially during the winter time. In addition to this, I also needed to find masks and treatments that would nourish and treat the hair to further prevent breakage. And lastly, I also wanted to find products that would treat the hair from within.

JOICO Moisture Recovery


One brand that I have used ever since the beginning of my blonde hair journey, is Joico. The first products I purchased were the Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo and Conditioner. I have since then moved on to other purple shampoos, but they will always remain as one of my favourites. What can I say; they get the job done.

For the past year, I have been very lucky to get the opportunity to test out other series from Joico, such as the Moisture Recovery serie, which is supposed to help “quench dry and dehydrated hair”. I started using this at the beginning of autumn, when the tempreature started to drop. While it did initially help, my hair had also just been retouched, so I needed even more moisture, as the shampoo and conditioner still left my hair slightly dull. With that said, I also used their treatment balm, which on some days would help tremendously, but with hair like mine, some days I just needed something stronger.

Final thoughts: These products would be perfect for anyone with moderate amount of damaged hair, or for usage during warmer weather.



When it comes to L’Oréal, I have used everything from makeup, to skincare, to haircare products. Some of my favourite products from their brand last year were from their Source Essentielle collection. I was at one of their launches and got a goodie bag that had their Daily Shampoo (Acacia Leaves & Aloe Essence), Radiance Balm and Daily Detangling Cream.

I kept these products at my boyfriend’s place, and they quickly climbed to the top of my favourite list. The shampoo did it job well, and my hair always felt clean without feeling totally stripped of all moisture. Furthermore, both the Daily Detangling Cream and Radiance Balm worked really well on providing my hair with the moisture it needed. What I also noticed was also that after letting my hair air dry, it kept looking nourished and healthy. At the depths of it, I also felt like my hair got a bit stronger.

A good friend of mine also recommended their Nourishing Balm, which I hope I ca check out soon.

Final thoughts: super effective for damaged hair. These products are also vegan and Almost 100% Natural, with the opportunity for you to refill at your local salon. We are all here for this sustainable

Alterna CAviar Instant Repair


While doing the reasearch to write this part, I realized that Alterna has had a total relaunch of their products, with new packaging and new formula. As I have yet to test it out, I cannot guarantee that the new products would be the same as the one I had previously used. With that said, the new equivalent for the serie I used is their Alterna Anti-Aging Bond Repair line.

Almost three years ago, I received a gift set of this line, including the shampoo, conditioner and a serum. I absolutely LOVED it. Everything from the smell of the products to the way my hair felt when I used the shampoo, to how it felt after using the conditioner and serum; it was all perfect. I really loved it, and found that these were the only products that would give my hair enough moisture so that when I went to bed at night and woke up in the morning, my hair would still look fresh. (On other occasions, I had experienced my hair being so dry that it often got dented and weirdly tangled while I slept.)

This is one of the more expensive products I have used and therefore has yet to repurchase it. I have other products that I am currently using, so I might give the new formulas a go when I have used up the ones I am currently using.

Final thoughts: While they are effective and smells divine, My hair-needs have changed and these were not as good as they used to be. Again, I’d reccommend these range for the ones with not too damaged hair.

This post became longer than I had initially planned for it to be, but I hope you got some useful information out of it, nevertheless. Let me know if you have tried anything that really helped your hair in the comment below. I am also currently testing out other products and will update with a current hair care routine very soon!

Until next time, Ellen x